May 1, 2019


Our Awesome Tribe Has Spoken!

Looking for an easy-to-carry, unsuspicious, and relatively strong Kava extract? Looking for something that tastes good, doesn’t require any cumbersome kind of storage, and can be accessed at any given moment? Most importantly, are you looking for something that works fast and is easily accessible during those moments when you really need to calm down and feel relaxed? Look no further. KavaKava Candy exactly fits that description. If you are traveling and are worried about how to explain mouth-numbing powders or big bags of “strange” ground Pacific roots or even a jar of Kava extract, then these candies are the ideal alternative.

The taste is delicious. It reminds me…

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Hey I’m a 41 year old disabled U.S. Army veteran who recently tried your product and was extremely impresses. Compared to other kava teas I’ve tried, your’s blows theirs out of the water. Your candy has really helped me with both my injuries as well as my general anxiety and stress after a long day as a returning adult student at a local college. I just wanted to take the time out of my day to let you know how much I love your product. It has really helped this grumpy old punk rock veteran

I just discovered that this candy is the same as the one sold by Paradise Kava. After I found that out, I just had to do a review because I use this stuff all the time (and just didn’t know it).

Me and wifey would go to club in the morning and when done we would do a nice long walk to one of the many of our favorite restaurants for lunch. While on our daily walk I would pop one of these in my mouth and suck on it while walking. It has a really great flavor. Not too sweet and no kava flavor at all. I would usually do two (one after the other). By time we got to the restaurant du’ jur.

I would always be in a really relaxed and happy place. It doesn’t last long but when it’s there it’s great, so I’m guessing that it’s fairly high in kavatain. It might be that the effects were boosted a little by the fact that we just finished a moderate workout and on an empty stomach. But it definitely made my mouth numb and had great effects from it. My only problem now is that I don’t have any. Just hope they don’t run out before I get a chance to get some more.

So far I am impressed with not just the product but also the business you are running, it has a very genuine and compassionate feeling which I think is missing within a lot of companies these days. I suffer from fairly severe anxiety and after taking a couple of the candies I felt a lot of relief, your description that it cuts the anxiety back from a 9 to a 5 (I think thats what was mentioned) is very accurate!

Being in Australia it has been very hard finding Kava, the only brand available has very minimal effect, so I am very happy to of found Kava Candy! I also bought some Kava a while ago off ebay and I became very sick from it, so I assume it must be the whole plant that was used. Anyway sorry for rambling I am just excited to find a product that actually works for my anxiety, after being addicted to both benzos and opiates it is a huge relief to find something that works that won’t ruin my life! Thank you and keep up the awesome work!

Any smoker who is trying to quit knows really well the anxiety that comes when you start craving a cigarette. This anxiety should be dealt right away and this is where kava candy can be of help. The moment I felt like smoking after dinner, I would take four to five candies and just allow myself to feel less anxious. I can totally see kava candy working well in combination with a nicotine patch. Oral fixation is another issue that smokers have to deal with and kava candy can help with that as well. Overall, if one is completely serious about smoking cessation, kava candy can be a helpful tool.

…I am all too familiar with anxiety and panic attacks as a stay at home mom of five. Four of them are ages 6 and under and two have special needs. My husband works in sales and he is on the road a lot so I take care of the kids by myself most of the time.

I love all my children, however they don’t always listen and I get sick and tired of cleaning up their messes all the time. Like most stay at home moms a messy home and naughty children can cause me to panic and feel like I am going crazy. Thank goodness, Ozia Originals has this tasty candy made with all natural kava kava, lemon balm, and chamomile which are well known to relieve stress & ease tension. KavaKava Candy comes in a convenient little package that fits in your purse…

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I came to fully appreciate the value of kava candy this past week on a flight for a business trip. Airports are always killer on my nerves, and at a certain point I can literally feel my stress affecting me. When I got to that point on this trip it would occur to me to eat a candy, then I felt the physical buildup of the stress fall down a level. It would build back up, and I’d knock it back with another candy. Worked great. That’s the most tangible.

Wow! I ordered these a couple of weeks ago bc I have issues with anxiety now and then. Today was a very high anxiety day and my family was also causing me a lot of stress. . . I was almost at my breaking point when I remembered I had some of these Kava Candies so I figured it would be a good time to try them out. Omg, that internal anxiety shakiness when away with in minutes! I feel so calm and amazing!!!! I will definitely be a long time customer, thank you!

Oh, customer service was also top notch! Thanks again!

Love it! I got into kava just a few months ago. While I enjoy the traditional ceremony of making a drink from the dry root powder, it can be time-consuming and difficult with kids running around and business to attend to. The simplicity of these beautiful little candies and their wonderful effectiveness is unsurpassed in my kava experience. I’m back here just a few days after my first trial order to order more. Much thanks!

Another new product is kava candy, which is especially convenient for those who are new to the earthy taste of kava. Even veteran kava drinkers have found kava candies a useful accompaniment to the traditional brew: many kavasseurs eat kava candy as a palate cleanser between servings of brew, and the candies are also quick and easy to take during the daytime when you’re away from your regular supply of kava, before work or on a vacation for example.

Another brilliant product! I love this stuff…it’s an easy and enjoyable way to take the edge off the day and unwind a little. And because it’s discreet, I can pop a piece of the kava kava candy in my mouth when other methods of relaxing aren’t acceptable.

I’ve done business with these guys since they made their first big splash some years ago at the ‘Awa Festival at University of Hawaii. If you’re a new customer, you can be sure you’re doing business with good people. Steve and his team always do what they say — delivery is prompt and they’re quick to answer emails.

Thanks for making the only product I know of that provides calmness and clarity at the same time. Aloha!

This is a great idea. The first tasting kava that I liked. I tried some kava before but couldn’t get past the muddy water. These are like sweet tarts with some stress relief. Excellent and can’t wait for the new ones to try out. Good work Steve!

I figured I’d write a quick little review on these. I was curious and bought a trial pack of these to see if they’d be a good addition to the end of my typical kava drinking night. Basically just to use as a quick booster after all my drinking kava is finished, instead of going through the trouble of squeezing out another shell or two while i’m already pretty rooted.

I started with 1 candy on the first night and worked my way up to 3 on the third night. (always after my drinking was finished). I honestly can’t say I felt any increase of effects from them at that point, as i’d hoped they would. But, they may have helped prolong the the way I already felt…which is good. Much like the marketing slogans for the product suggest.

I found out, for me, this product is best used as quick and easy mild relief from daytime aggravations, prior to having your evening kava. I had a couple left and was getting really annoyed with some tedious work I was doing, so I stopped and ate ’em. Pretty soon, a subtle new outlook washed over me and I was happy and content to put on some music and continue the work. (without punching any holes in the wall ;)) I would definitely buy them again for this usage alone. I really wish they were available at my local 7-11 or liquor store for quick easy access.

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Just fyi, I really dislike the taste of strained kava root but I LOVE the taste of your kava candies, I don’t think there’s any bitterness at all!

I saw your nearly self-deprecating warning on your website and just wanted to let you know that I think it’s undeserved. The candies have a really nice fruity/spicy taste that is unique and delicious. I guess I only wish they were a little bit softer, but that’s just because I generally like soft candy more than hard candy.

Again, in my opinion your candy tastes almost nothing like the root! The only commonality is the spiciness which is present in very small amounts in the bitter, earthy strained kava root water.

Thanks for making a cheap, (very) palatable, and portable way to consume noble kava! My anxiety thanks you.

This is an interesting candy/dietary supplement we found at the last Kava Festival at UH. Kava Kava Candy totally numbs your mouth and throat when you let one dissolve on your tongue. It tastes like sugary, vitamin C powdered zinc, so actually kind of good, if you like that kind of thing. Some may not. But there’s no need to judge it too harshly as a candy, if you think of it more as a supplement.

The package says, “Caution: May Ease Irritating Situations” and they do have a noticeable relaxation effect.

I have been drinking kava for sometime now and never thought there could be any way to mask the bitter taste of it. The candy truly taste amazing and also makes your mouth numb. I take one before my collage government class and sometimes take it at night along with a kava shake.

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I recently ordered a trial pack of kava kava candy, and I just wanted to take a moment to say ‘thank you’ and that I really enjoyed the product!

I get anxiety often these days, and really needed something to help with that. I didn’t want to end up on prescription medication again (been there, done that. Hated withdrawals!), and wanted to go the natural route and try something herbal, safe, and non-addictive. The candy is perfect, does just what I need it to It calms me and elevates my mood, without the hazy fog of prescription medications (my sister also noticed it makes me chattier, too, lol :D). I even like the numbing sensation it leaves on my tongue, lol. I really like how convenient and discreet it is, too- very easy to keep in my purse for when I need it. This was my first experience with kava, and I loved it!

Again, thank you for an awesome product, and keep up the good work!

As a father of two very young girls (ages 2.5 and 11 months), working in a commissioned sales representative position and responsible as the sole breadwinner for my family stress is something that rears its head every day. I recently tried Kava Kava Candy and was very pleasantly surprised at the results. Not only did it taste great, which was a nice bonus, it also brought my stress level down and helped me to relax. I am going to keep this amazing candy handy from now on.

I ate each candy as a touchpoint in my day. I remember I had overtabbed myself on my computer, and I needed to step back and look at what I was doing. I popped in a candy, left it on my tongue, enjoyed the unusual mouthfeel and the sweet taste. I took your candies like they were my own personal kava tea breaks. I looked at the package. I read it over. I thought about the product skeptically. Then I thought about it at face value: what was I feeling? I noticed the numbness of my tongue. I looked up at my overloaded screen.

When the candy disappeared, I decided to prioritize my day a little better by calling my customers for conversation instead of letting their emails stack up. My tongue felt looser, after all. So I kept on with my day as before, but I was talking to people now. So I think the final answer is yes, these candies made me much more relaxed for the day.

I love my Kava Candy! I pop one or two most afternoons especially on work days. By midday I feel stress in my neck and shoulders. The KC really helps mellow me out and the stress goes away without dulling my brain. There may be a lot of things that could accomplish the same thing, and I feel like I’ve tried them all, but I don’t like taking prescriptions, and cocktails at lunch are out of the question (and too many calories). Kava Candy lowers my stress levels and still let’s me work. Thanks KC!

…having tried them out recently I have become a big fan of your Kava candies. I work as an actor and often get nerves before appearing on stage, but I had a couple of candies this morning before performing in front of 600 people and suffered not a whisper of stage fright. It’s a wonderful product and I will definitely be ordering again.

I got the kava kava candy today that was pretty fast. They are pretty tasty and calming effect. If you have one after another you have nice little kava glow going. If I have one every hour it takes the edge of the chronic pain I am in. I really enjoy them it makes the day go by a little better.

I had a chance to go out and do some errands. We went to Costco…I hate Costcosmiley: frown So this was a perfect test for Kava Candy. By itself, I think kava candy would be exactly what Steve said. I think for most it will for sure bring you from about a 9 down to about a 5. I still had the boroguru/isa mix close behind me and I was feeling ok. While we were driving up to Costco I popped a Kava Candy….Kava Candy makes an excellent “booster shot” for the day or two after…

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I have a pretty stressful job; I am on the phone all day speaking with people who are about to lose their homes. These kava candies sooth my nerves when they get ratcheted up. And did I mention they taste great? I love kava because it is a natural relaxant, and this is easily the best product on the market that has kava in it. Cudos to the folks at Ozia and KavaKavaCandy for making such a great treat, and for making my day easier and smoother at work living in Boston – I highly recommend it for those tortuous traffic jams!!!

I normally don’t send letters to companies, but I just had to thank you for creating this product.

I just returned from a Hawaiian trip from hell with my sister and nephew. They were sanctimonious snots and I was stressed & stuck 3000 miles away from home. I snuck off to Ala Moana center to get a few things from Longs, and discovered a small health food store. I went inside and presented my plight and was immediately given Rescue Remedy and the last 3 packets of your product. I knew how I felt on Rescue Remedy (I mistakenly left mine at home), but the addition of your product gave me such a state of bliss that I was able to get through the last two days of the trip without losing my mind or my temper.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I placed an order for a couple of boxes and am intrigued by your candy.

Thank you Kava Candy! I ordered the 4-pack to use during a trial against a man that had really badly hurt me before. I shared the candy with my witnesses that were about to testify, and they found it to be really helpful too! I am back ordering more Kava Candy to replenish my stock. Thank you for helping me deal with PTSD and anxiety brought on by having to face and testify against a really difficult person.

I love this stuff! Its great! It’s perfect for those who need a stress reliever in the day, but get too much effect from the extracts to drive around and function. It just brings you down a little bit, kind of like taking a bubble bath. Its not really strong, so don’t expect to be melting into your couch, but it can keep you from yelling at the kids and throwing your husband’s laundry on the front lawn. Definitely try it.

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